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Brazilians are famous for their creativity and ingenuity. There are so many brilliant ideas out there that surprise us day in and day out; the problem is that many of those brilliant ideas never evolve because entrepreneurs and inventors do not have effective ways of networking nor do they have the right resources. IDELO is arriving in Brazil after we carefully analysed the needs of the Brazilian market with the goal of connecting people with great ideas to investors who can get ideas off the ground.

IDELO is an opportunity search and network tool where projects are made visible to potential capital investment for a very affordable price. From as little as $1 a month, people from all walks of life can present their ideas to hundreds of registered investors. When investors and entrepreneurs register with IDELO, their information is validated and all pitches are reviewed by a team of analysts before they are listed and become visible on our platform, thus ensuring information security and credibility.

We understand that an idea may appear to be simple, but when you find an investor who believes in its potential, the simplest of ideas can develop into something truly great that can help to improve lives and the world that we live in.

As we are a platform for entrepreneurship, we also offer a business for sale marketplace that connects business buyers and sellers all over the country. IDELO does not invest, appraise or participate in any project pitch registered on our platform. We do not charge commission or equity interest on any successful projects. All negotiations and discussions related to the projects are undertaken in off-platform environments, so any sensitive information is restricted between entrepreneurs and investors.

Brazil is immense and IDELO as a platform serves all regions. An entrepreneur from the northeast, for instance, could find an investment partner in the south of the country. IDELO is user friendly and very intuitive. It has many advanced features that allows users to filter projects by region, type and funding requirement. Have a look around our website and download our APP, and if you need any information in English, please get in touch via idelo@idelo.com.br

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